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Batman Vol. 19: Look and Find Jamie Diaz

Batman Vol. 19: Look and Find

Jamie Diaz

ISBN : 9781566742306
Library Binding
24 pages
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 About the Book 

Now this is a facinating book for comic book lovers and especially Batman lovers. Its simular to the Wheres Waldo books where you have to find certain objects within a very busy two-page scene.There are eight diferent pages each featuring a different villian. Penquin has issued a challeneg. The have 2 hours to find and capture 8 criminals.The scenes in this one are: the Batcave recieving Penguins challenge, a Gotham car show with Two-Face, Happy New Year celebration in wintery Gotham City with Mr. Freeze, a Toy Shop with the Riddler, Gothams Botanial Gardens with Poison Ivy, University science lab with the Scarecrow, King Soloman Diamond Exchange with catwoman,the Circus with the Joker and finally the Gotham Museum with the Riddler.