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Spelons: The Hidden People Rick Moles

Spelons: The Hidden People

Rick Moles

Published January 12th 2006
ISBN : 9781425907051
248 pages
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 About the Book 

Spelons is a fast paced novel including murder, romance, mystery, and some science fiction. This is a story about a community of people that live in caves in Middle Tennessee. They are only ten inches tall, yet live a happy existance in their subterranean community. One day, while walking through the woods, Sebastian, their leader, finds Steve Mason, a normal size man, lying in a pool of blood near death. He has been shot by an unknown assailant. Sebastian asks Steve if he wants to live, and Steve, although puzzled by the mans size, answers yes. Sebastian then gives him something to drink from a folded leaf. After drinking the green thick liquid, the pain begins and the story begins to unfold. Find out how Sebastian and the Spelons help Steve discover who tried to kill him and why.