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A Summer in Scotland Jacob Abbott

A Summer in Scotland

Jacob Abbott

Kindle Edition
350 pages
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 About the Book 

This volume was published in 1848.From the books Preface:Having spent a month or two during the last sum-mer in rambling among the Highlands of Scotland, Ihave written the following account of my adventuresfor the amusement of my pupils, and of such otherreaders as may honor these pages with a perusal.The narrative is strictly a personal one. The workdoes not pretend to give a geographical, historical, orstatistical account of Scotland, but only a simple nar-ration of the adventures of a traveler rambling in aromantic country in search of recreation and enjoy-ment alone. In writing the account, I have attemptednothing more than to reproduce for the reader a pic-ture of the scenes, such as they were, which presentedthemselves to my attention. The book, therefore,claims no higher province than that of offering a ra-tional source of entertainment to the reader in leisurehours.Abbotts Institution, New York, Jan., 1848.