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Gray Talon Group D. Phillips, Shawn

Gray Talon Group

D. Phillips, Shawn

Published February 6th 2010
Kindle Edition
249 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Markus Gram leads a four man team comprised of ex-SWAT and special forces operators on a routine escort mission from the Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone for Gray Talon Group, a private military contracting firm operating in support of the Coalition mission in Iraq. During their return trip, insurgents posing as Coalition soldiers attack their convoy and take their principal, Jennifer Feng hostage. Grams team is forced to make a decision. Follow the rules and wait, hoping nothing happens to their lost package, or go off the reservation and perform an illegal prisoner rescue. During their rescue mission, a shadowy figure emerges. His name is Nathanial Meer. Call sign Meercat, this ex-Navy SEAL and Gray Talon Group operator has been tasked by a secret intelligence gathering arm, known only to a few members of Gray Talon Group itself. They are known only as the Maintenance and Operational Protocol Division or MOP for short. Meer has been assigned to track, identify and destroy a terror plot to kill hundreds of Coalition troops using advanced and nearly undetectable munitions and Jennifer Feng is a key element to his plans. Gram and his Talon Teams illegal rescue triggers a show down between Meer, Gram, and the terror cell operating in Iraq. Meer, Gram and his team are pushed together by circumstance and form a new MOP unit with one goal. Take the fight to the enemy and win, at all costs.Gray Talon Group is a time-relevant fiction novel set in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Japan, China and the United States that exposes not only the flaws in the use of private military contractors in the Global War on Terror but also reveals the usefulness of such entities and humanizes the operators, many of whom are from the ranks of the nations most elite military special forces and police agencies.